You Can't Set GitHub Org Location Anymore?

Ok, that's not entirely true. You can still set your org location to your country. But it used to be an open textbox where you could input anything. What was even the point of this change, GitHub?

VS Code Still Doesn't Have Vertical Tabs??

I recently discovered one of my colleagues was a vertical tab zealot, running vertical tab layouts on Chrome, Visual Studio, Windows, virtually everything. It was actually kind of neat, so I started reconfiguring my layouts to emulate it, only to find out... VS Code still doesn't support it? In 2023??

Handling Bluetooth Programmatically on Windows

I use a command to connect to my Pixel Buds now, and switch between Bluetooth devices. It's pretty convenient, especially if you're still on Windows 10, with its buggy Bluetooth auto-connection.

Return to Office: San Francisco

It looks like the RTO saga has finally reached my company, so most of our engineering force will be coming into the office a couple a days a week, including myself.

Framr - Give Your Demo Video a Fancy Gaussian Blur Frame

Initially I wrote an FFmpeg script to give my YouTube videos a Gaussian blur frame, but I realized FFmpeg had actually been ported to WebAssembly, so I made a little web app to do it all from the browser.