Handling Bluetooth Programmatically on Windows

I use a command to connect to my Pixel Buds now, and switch between Bluetooth devices. It's pretty convenient, especially if you're still on Windows 10, with its buggy Bluetooth auto-connection.

Return to Office: San Francisco

It looks like the RTO saga has finally reached my company, so most of our engineering force will be coming into the office a couple a days a week, including myself.

Framr - Give Your Demo Video a Fancy Gaussian Blur Frame

Initially I wrote an FFmpeg script to give my YouTube videos a Gaussian blur frame, but I realized FFmpeg had actually been ported to WebAssembly, so I made a little web app to do it all from the browser.

Shady Marketing: APITable Is Scraping Emails From GitHub Stars

So apparently APITable is scraping emails from people that starred Bitwarden and then sending out misleading emails that appear to be from Bitwarden...

Finally, a Free (and Open Source) Resume Builder Without Watermarks or Limitations

I have wasted more time than I'd like to admit looking for a resume builder. All of the "free" ones I've found end up putting some type of watermark on it (and only disclose this after you've spent an hour building your new fancy resume in an attempt to sunk-cost fallacy you into paying $30). Well, I finally found a free and open source resume builder: Reactive Resume