VS Code Still Doesn't Have Vertical Tabs??

I recently discovered one of my colleagues was a vertical tab zealot, running vertical tab layouts on Chrome, Visual Studio, Windows, virtually everything. It was actually kind of neat, so I started reconfiguring my layouts to emulate it, only to find out... VS Code still doesn't support it? In 2023??

Handling Bluetooth Programmatically on Windows

I use a command to connect to my Pixel Buds now, and switch between Bluetooth devices. It's pretty convenient, especially if you're still on Windows 10, with its buggy Bluetooth auto-connection.

Return to Office: San Francisco

It looks like the RTO saga has finally reached my company, so most of our engineering force will be coming into the office a couple a days a week, including myself.

Framr - Give Your Demo Video a Fancy Gaussian Blur Frame

Initially I wrote an FFmpeg script to give my YouTube videos a Gaussian blur frame, but I realized FFmpeg had actually been ported to WebAssembly, so I made a little web app to do it all from the browser.

Shady Marketing: APITable Is Scraping Emails From GitHub Stars

So apparently APITable is scraping emails from people that starred Bitwarden and then sending out misleading emails that appear to be from Bitwarden...