Forget SQL, All My Homies Use LINQ

Learning SQL is a pain. Using SQL is a pain. Be better. Choose .NET. Choose LINQPad.

BitTorrent Is Dead, Long Live The InterPlanetary File System

Everyone knows about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, but what about IPFS? It's the future of data storage and peer-to-peer sharing, if you ask me.

I Just Realized Brave Has a Built In Crypto Wallet

Did you know Brave has their own cryptocurrency?

Dear Web Devs, Please Use Anchors Instead of Divs for Buttons

I get it, you're using React or Angular, and you don't need to use <a> for your web app's buttons. But do it for us, the keyboard purists.

VS Code Configuration for .NET/Angular Projects

I'm in the process of transitioning to VS Code from Visual Studio, and the launch configurations are pretty flexible. Here's how to set up a full stack application with a .NET API and an Angular frontend.