This website was built with .NET 5 and Angular 12. The blog posts are stored with MongoDB and the pages are statically prerendered via Angular Universal (go ahead, turn your JavaScript off).


I'm currently prototyping a cross-platform IPFS based file transfer and storage platform. It's still in early development though!

Orbit Chat

Decentralized chat web app built with IPFS and OrbitDB. There's no backend, it's pure p2p!

Background Terminal

Background Terminal is a Windows application that allows you to put a virtual terminal on your Desktop background, which visually integrates well with Rainmeter.

Dynamic Particle Simulator

Dynamic Particle Simulator is a web application designed in conjunction with particle-render.js for writing and visualizing N-body simulations, as well as galactic collisions.


Sparkr is a simple but useful web application to help developers come up with new app ideas by combining public API's.


Notifyer is a Google Chrome extension for setting alerts when certain words are mentioned in Google Meets.


Pixelmatic is a Windows application for retrieving pixel data from your screen quickly and easily.

Particle Render

Particle Render is a node package for easily developing simple particle simulations on a Canvas, allowing the user to simply specify the initial system state and a timestep function without having to deal with WebGL or shaders.


CoreMeter is a NuGet package for creating "background style" applications on Windows.

Vimium Standard

User Script to return Vimium functionality to Standard Notes.