Finally, a Free (and Open Source) Resume Builder Without Watermarks or Limitations

I have wasted more time than I'd like to admit looking for a resume builder. All of the "free" ones I've found end up putting some type of watermark on it (and only disclose this after you've spent an hour building your new fancy resume in an attempt to sunk-cost fallacy you into paying $30). Well, I finally found a free and open source resume builder: Reactive Resume

Back in the golden years that were the early 2000's, everyone would just use a Word template to build a simple but functional resume. It was a bit cumbersome when you had to add a new "experience" entry (and then reduce the font of the whole document so that it would fit nicely on one page), but it was reliable and straightforward.

The Era of Fancy Resumes

At some point, however, these new and fancy resumes started showing up. The ones with a sidebar that lists their programming languages, and fancy coloring and margins and headers, and even the occasional headshot (??). It was like someone printed out a little website onto a piece of paper.

Example of a fancy resume template

Naturally, I was impressed and decided I needed one. So I started Googling around and found a plethora of "Resume Builder" websites. And what a fun experience it was! Until I got to the end and money was demanded to download it. Or worse, they put a watermark on the bottom of it...

I get it, I get it, nothing in this world is free. So I figured I'd just stick to Word documents instead, and try my best to do something similarly fancy, despite Word being very finnicky.

Reactive Resume

Then, not too long ago, I decided to check again to see if I could find anything truly free. And to my surprise, I managed to find a platform that was free and sleek: Reactive Resume. And not just that, it's open source!

It's got a really nice interface, is easy to use, and you can create an account to save any number of resumes. On top of that, you can export your resume as a JSON to backup to your own devices, which you can use to import back into Reactive Resume later.

Reactive Resume UI demo

Sure, it doesn't have a huge amount of templates to choose from. But the ones that it does have are really nice and they're extremely customizable.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this in case anyone is still using a docx resume. And give a shoutout to Amruth Pillai for building this :)